An afternoon by the ocean.

Listen. I hate saying I have favourite clients. Truthfully, you're all my favourite. But there really is something special about working with Leticia and her family.

Years ago, by chance, Leticia, Marshall, and I ended up at the same table at a wedding I was working in 2019. Leticia and I attended school together in the past, so it was lovely to be able to catch up and connect all those years later.

As the night went on and our conversations continued, Leticia quietly let me know that Marshall and herself were planning an elopement in Mexico the following year in January. I was so excited for them, and knew it was going to be such a magical experience.

A week later I was sitting at my desk when I heard my phone ping, it was Leticia! She asked me if I would be interested in accompanying them to mexico. I said yes. Rather, HELL YES.

That was the beginning of our beautiful friendship. The wedding has now past (let me know if I should blog it!), and we've gone through a maternity session, a newborn session, and now this very special family session! We met at Neck Point in Nanaimo, BC for this session.